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08/01/09: added details for Julio & Mirabai's workshops

06/25/09: updated shipping charges for books and CD's due to postal rate increase

06/23/09: updated calendar - Last Tango will only be on 5th Saturday months

04/24/09: updated calendar; added Google Ads to Argentine Tango page

03/05/09: updated calendar; added Tango Qi Gong class for 3/21

11/24/08: updated calendar; changed home page picture; removed expired listing for Julio and Mirabai

09/07/08: updated calendar

08/29/08: added detailed descriptions of Julio & Mirabai's workshop classes 9/6-7

08/04/08: updated DVD shipping & handling prices for increase in postal rates

07/28/08: cancelled On-going Drop-in class Thursday 7/31; edited contact info for Julio and Mirabai privates

07/23/08: added details for Julio & Mirabai

06/13/08: corrected price for semi-private lessons; updated s/h price for BsAs Experience to reflect increase in postal rates; updated calendar

05/08/08: updated calendar

03/17/08: updated calendar

01/23/08: updated calendar

12/19/07: updated calendar

12/03/07: updated calendar

10/23/07: added Learning Spanish with the "Buenos Aires Experience"

10/04/07: updated calendar and home page; some revisions to Argentine Tango description sections; began conversion to CSS programming

09/24/07: updated home page - removed out-of-date items

08/12/07: updated calendar

07/14/07: added links to Scott London's pictures of Burning Man onto Burning Man page

06/29/07: added text of Brian Dunn's interviews with Gustavo Naveira

06/15/07: note on home page: no drop-in class Thu 6/21; updated calendar; minor update to BurningMan page

04/05/07: updated calendar; added picture of Brian & Deb on home page; added pictures of geodesic dome to Burning Man page

03/24/07: minor editing on Burning Man page; added tables on home page; added announcement on Home page for Brian & Deb's August workshop

03/16/07: added page describing Burning Man project

03/06/07: added link to Burning Man

02/26/07: updates to LTIP page and on-going drop-in class price change

02/10/07: updated calendar with new on-going drop-in classes

01/09/07: updated calendar

12/20/06: updated calendar

11/21/06: removed disclaimer from DVD-order page

11/16/06: DVD-order page to add disclaimer for out-of-synch defect

11/15/06: DVD-order page: Clarified no DVD shipping/handling if picked up locally

11/13/06: Added pictures of 1635 SE Morrison to LTIP and ContactUs pages

11/10/06: Release of 2006 TangoFest DVD

09/02/06: Updated DVD page for reduced price; updated calendar and LTIP date page; updated Abs Beg class page

07/25/06: Update cal

06/27/06: Updated cal

05/11/06: Updated calendar for new group classes; Lost and Found additions

4/25/06: Updated calendar for LTIP and group classes, home page, and minor edit to LTIP description page

02/12/06: Made new page for Classes offered w/ link from Home page. Updated calendar for March class series.

02//08/06: Updated lost & found; details of Teo and Marsha sexy steps workshop; calendar for Feb and March

01/09/06: Corrected date of Beg class

01/08/06: Updated calendar for Jan/Feb Beginning Class and Theo and Marsha's workshop

12/23/05: New Yr's Eve Tango Ball update to Calendar

11/19/05: Tango Meditation class added to Calendar and Home Page

11/05/05: Added link on home page to info on TangoFest DVD; added link and updated calendar for Trespie class with Jay and Judy; updated Lost and Found.

10/17/05: Updated calendar for October - December. Updated lost and found

09/22/05: Teo and Marsha's workshop canceled. Home page and calendar updated

09/16/05: Updated calendar for September; Corrected price error on Tango Intensive Workshop page

08/25/05: Announcement and description for Teo and Marsha Bartek's Tango Intensive workshop

08/11/05: Updated calendar for August.

6/18/05: Updated calendar for June, and added link on Home page to info on Semi-Private classes offered. Fixed Lost & Found link on Calendar page. Added links to el Pulpo Esbrez, Tao of Tango, Portland's Adam Hamilton, and Pasadena Tango Academy.

04/26/05: Updated calendar for Jay & Judy's next class series on Volcdas, and Jay DJ'ing at Paradise 5/26

04/01/05: Updated calendar for Jay & Judy's next series of classes, April Last Tango in Portland, and May 5 DJ gig for Jay at Paradise Studio; added 3 more pictures to page-6 of Halloween pictures (Bill & Melinda, Alex & Joe, Rose w/ her knife)

03/11/05: Updated Paradise Studio link

03/10/05: Edited protocols page, adding recommendation for experienced dancers to dance with beginners (thanks to Peter Gysegem of Corvallis, OR for the suggestion), and a paragraph on apologizing whenever you bump into anyone (thanks to Stephen Pastor of Vancouver, WA for the suggestion)

03/08/05: Added 3 more pages of Halloween pictures.

03/05/05: Added 2 more pages of Halloween pictures; fourth Halloween page coming in a week or so...

03/04/05: New gallery-style photos page, and photos from October 2004 Last Tango in Portland - a Halloween Costumilonga

03/02/05: Updated Philosophy page (link from Arg. Tango); correction on time of 3/7 Intermediate class w/ Judy & Jay

03/01/05: New links; added Philosophy page (link from Arg. Tango)

02/24/05: Updated calendar, added Jay & Judy class starting 3/7; added new Protocols page (link from Arg Tango)

02/02/05: Complete re-design, new color scheme, major upgrade to Calendar page, new items in Lost & Found (link from Calendar page), new pages under Argentine Tango, with "what," "why," and "where," etc.

01/19/05: convert to frames

01/03/05: calendar updates, lost&found update

12/23/04: Lost and Found, Symptoms of a Tango Junkie, new button link to AT description;

11/29/04: Calendar updates;

11/18-19/04: Chan Park's upcoming Tango Zen workshop;