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 (updated: 02/10/07)


Contact Jay at email:  JayRabe@hotmail.com

or cell: 503-752-3664



     Jay Rabe started learning Tango in 1998 after an introductory lesson with Clay Nelson at the Crystal Ballroom. He has been addicted to Tango since then, studying with Clay and with most of the more than two dozen masters who've passed through Portland in that time. He has also made three trips to Buenos Aires to practice and study. He has been most strongly influenced by Chicho Frumboli, Norberto "el Pulpo" Estevez, and Portland's own Alex Krebs and Dan Timmins.
     Jay teaches group and private lessons at various venues. His dancing and teaching focus on developing a deep connection between the partners by emphasizing fundamentals of posture, balance, axis, and intention. Principles of centering and grounding, influenced by his years of practice in Taoist Qi Gong, create a holistic approach that is not only effective, but can also be healing for individuals and couples. (See
Argentine Tango - Philosophy)